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Laminating Machine
OCA laminating machine
The product features

1) PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable, simple operation.

2) color touch screen LCD display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

3) platform X, Y, θ-axis by a micrometer precision fine-tuning, easy to operate, easy to adjust the positioning.

4) The platform consists of precision slide + screw drive, smooth, no vibration, ensure that the location accuracy.

5) Antistatic wheel to prevent pollution generated by electrostatic dust, posted flat, no bubbles, wrinkles, Halo ring, waterlines and other undesirable phenomena.

The product uses

Suitable for film membrane, the membrane of a glass substrate, a film of pressure sensitive acrylic panels attached to a variety of different materials, etc. between the bonding process.

Technical parameters

1) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 300W

2) Working environment 10 ~ 60 , 40% ~ 95%

3) Working pressure value 0.3 --- 0.6Mpa

4) bonding pressure Min 1 --- Max 4Kg.f

5) mobile platform stroke Max: 200 mm

6) the moving speed Max: 120 ± 20 mm / s

7) vane rotation angle Max: 180 °

8) Applicable product thickness range 0.1--10mm

9) Dimensions (approx.) 70mm (L) × 585mm (W) × 350mm (H)

10) body weight (approximately) 35kg

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