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Laminating Machine
Vertical OCA laminating machine
The product features

1) PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable, simple operation.

2) color touch screen display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

3) 4 sets of high-definition display on the CCD alignment system, with the display with scale, efficient alignment.

4) platform using servo motor control, smooth, no vibration, ensure that the location accuracy.

5) Antistatic wheel to prevent pollution generated by electrostatic dust, fit smooth, no wrinkles, no bubbles due to technical reasons which led.

6) CCD registration system can be manually selected according to the customer to go to the registration and automatic alignment, clear capture of the site.

The product uses

Film and apply cover glass fit, or glass or PET plastic OCA automatic fitting process.

Technical parameters

1) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 1000W

2) Working environment 10 ~ 60 , 40% ~ 95%

3) Working pressure 0.5 --- 0.7Mpa

4) Crimp time 1 ~ 99s

5) The pressure range Min 20 --- Max 50 f

6) Accuracy ± 0.1mm fit

7) Applicable range of products 0.2--1.5mm

8) production efficiency of about 10 s / pcs (does not include loading and unloading time)

9) screen size 260mm × 200mm (actual size can be changed according to customer requirements)

10) work fixing Mold fixed platform flip feed

11) Dimensions (approx.) 800mm (L) × 640mm (W) × 1650mm (H) (the size will be based on customer requirements change screen, so the appearance of size reference)

12) body weight (approximately) 150kg

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