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ACF/FPC Bonding Machine
Single-position main bonding machine
The product features

1) PLC control system, constant heating up and down with precision sensing thermostat, control the temperature accurately.

2) color touch screen LCD display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

3) platform fixed to take discharge, discharge platform XYZ axis can be adjusted to ensure accurate crimp position.

The product uses

Suitable for high-density FPC and the touch screen pre-press bonding of the production process.

Technical parameters

1) on the heating mode, at a constant temperature heating

2) Temperature range room temperature --- 399 (each set Step 1 )

3) Accuracy ± 5 temperature difference

4) pressing time 1 --- 99 seconds

5) Crimp pressure Min 50N --- Max 400N

6) work fixing Mold vacuum fixation

7) Manual mode: the appropriate action can be controlled separately for each agency

8) Auto mode: Set a good job parameters, press the start button, the device automatically work

9) the thermal head flatness ± 3μm (using the sense of pressure paper test)

10) the production efficiency of about 20s / pcs (specifically related to the actual production process)

11) Bonding Accuracy ± 0.02mm

12) Working pressure 0.5 - 0.7Mpa

13) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 2500W

14) Dimensions (approx.) 800mm (L) × 800mm (W) × 1460mm (H)

15) body weight (approximately) 350kg

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