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ACF/FPC Bonding Machine
FPC pre-main bonding machine
The product features

1) PLC control system to ensure stable and reliable.

2) color touch screen display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

3) intermediate stations thermostat indenter preload, both sides of the station using the pulse pressure head of the press, two independent servo motor drives the corresponding platform and move around, a fixture to complete pre-press, this pressure, improve work efficiency.

4) to place under high magnification camera system, ensure clear alignment.

The product uses

Suitable for high-density FPC and the Film Sensor bonding production process.

Technical parameters

1) heating preload: Thermostat this pressure: pulse heating

2) Temperature range room temperature --- 450 (each set Step 1 )

3) pressing time 1 --- 99 seconds

4) Pre-pressure Min 1 --- Max 20 f

5) The pressure pressure Min 3.6 --- Max 100 f

6) Working mode selectable manual or automatic mode

7) the production efficiency of about 16s / pcs (with 9-inch Sensor computing, specifically related to the actual products)

8) pressing precision Pitch 0.05mm

9) Working pressure 0.5 - 0.7Mpa

10) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 6500W

11) Dimensions (approximately) 1520mm (L) × 720mm (W) × 1500mm (H)

12) body weight (approximately) 400kg

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