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ACF/FPC Bonding Machine
Three head bonding machine
The product features

1) PLC control system, constant heating method with precise sensing thermostat, control the temperature accurately.

2) 7-inch color touch screen LCD display input, Chinese menu, all parameters set your browser simple and intuitive.

3) intermediate stations thermostat indenter preload, both sides of the station constant pressure head of the press, two independent servo motor drives the corresponding platform and move around to achieve a fixture to complete pre-press, this pressure, improve work efficiency.

4) Pre-press can be divided into multiple segments crimping registration under with two-way high-magnification camera system, a color LCD screen, ensure clear alignment preload.

5) bonding length 110mm, heated bonding length 260mm, for maximum pre-present 22-inch LCD screen with touch screen pressure bonding process.

The product uses

Suitable for high-density FPC and LCD, TP Sensor of bonding production process.

Technical parameters

1) Main Power Specifications AC 220V ± 10%, 50Hz, 5000W

2) Accuracy ± 10 temperature difference

3) pressing time 1 --- 99 seconds

4) Crimp pressure preload: Min 2 --- Max 20f; this pressure: Min 8 --- Max 100f

5) Manual mode: pressing the corresponding action can be controlled separately for each agency head flatness 5um / 100mm (using the sense of pressure paper test)

6) Accuracy ± 0.05mm hot

7) Working pressure 0.5 - 0.7Mpa

8) Dimensions (approximately) 1700mm (L) × 1050mm (W) × 1580mm (H)

9) weight (approximately) 800kg

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