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ACF/FPC Bonding Machine
FOG automatic bonding machine
The product features

1) This series of equipment for automatic FOG bonding machine is mainly composed of five parts, including the following;

2) OGS / Film Sensor / LCD Loader part

3) ACF attachment portion.

4) FPC artificial feeding section.

5) FPC Pre-bonding part

6) FPC Main Bonding section

The product uses

Equipment mainly for 3-7 inch / 7-13 inch One Film Sensor, OGS, LCD, single-sided FPC bonding;

Device procedure is as follows: OGS / Film Sensor / LCD Loader automatic feeding auto OGS pre-registration ACF station position automatic correction ACF Stage into ACF paste pay ACF Stage of the CCD detection FPC manual feed FPC , OGS visual automatic alignment pre-press The press discharging manipulator connected customer lines.

Technical parameters

1) This device can connect with production line, it can also be used independently as a standalone station.

2) Production cycle: 3-7 inch approximately: 6-8S; 7-13 inch about: 8-10S.

3) Power: AC380V / 50Hz ~ 60Hz

4) gas source: 0.5-0.7MPa

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